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The functioning of Use

Passwords and codes sent by the store are automatically generated. Store service does not affect the passwords and codes, and of course they do not know. The shop is tested twice a week for the functionality to send your passwords and codes using both paid and free email accounts.
In the tests, the average time to obtain a password or confirmation code request is about 3 seconds. All cases related to the maintenance of the password or confirmation code request may be due to incorrect email account settings, e-mail program, spam filter, web browser, antivirus or security software type, firewall. "When you use e-mail through the website may occur problems of correctness of code.

Order processing

Within 24 hours of receipt of the order by e-mail will confirm its acceptance.
Please provide current phone numbers to verify the order.

Each order is for information purposes only status: 'complex', in implementation (preparation) 'and' completed - sent ".
In the course of the contract customers are notified by email about changes status. After placing an order in the store server automatically assigns the contract status, complex. "After the adoption of the implementation of the service catalog gives the order status in the implementation (preparation)." After completing your order, and send the package store gives service contract status, completed - send "and inform the commentary to the order of the day and how to send the consignment.

An order to recognize the actual receipt of the information by e-mail or phone to abandon the contract. For obvious reasons, Customer may not cancel your order that has already been processed and shipped.

Stocks and prices

Presented on the websites offer Shop is for informational purposes only.
Since the company also operates an online shop selling outside (telephone orders)
availability of the ordered goods and the price can deviate from the presented at the Online Store. In case of significant discrepancies contract with the facts, the smaller number of units, higher prices, etc. Store service will inform you in the commentary to the contract if there is any change delivery dates or prices.
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